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Experience the romance of Italian culture on San Valentino

on February 6, 2017 No comments

The February 14 holiday of San Valentino evokes many feelings, including love and passion, but it most famously evokes feelings of romance towards a special someone.

San Valentino’s truly romantic nature is actually an extension of the romantic culture of Italy. There’s no better way to celebrate an extra-special San Valentino this year by experiencing your own local versions of Italy’s dolce vita, or vibrant, indulgent, sweet way of life.

Romance:  The Feeling of Italy

How did the world gain its modern association of love and passion with the word “romance?” We’ll give you a hint: it came from a place in Italy!

Two thousand years ago, “romance” was defined as culture associated with the Roman empire, which was centered in present-day Italy. The local culture of Rome and Italy has evolved since the Roman times, but if anything, it has become even more of a beautiful way of life; for example, the once-widespread Latin language has evolved into the more melodic Italian that is spoken and heard in the names of things we want to sound attractive, from coffee to food.

The Italian culture also contributed directly to the extraordinary artistic growth of the Renaissance era through countless famous paintings and the development of opera. Italy was even blessed with the culinary introduction of tomatoes, which have contributed to countless succulent dishes at restaurants worldwide.

Italy still shares many similarities with ancient Roman culture, including stunning countryside views, culture-rich cities, intricate architecture and fresh, local foods. It’s no coincidence that Italy’s culture is the core of the modern definition of “romance,” as it evokes la dolce vita passions for art, food, and love.

Experiencing the Romance of Italy in Atlanta

You don’t have to be an Italian in Italy to experience deeper romance. Italian culture is so inclusive, it’s more about the mindset and philosophy, and not as much about the geography or family history. Traveling across the globe to experience la dolce vita for San Valentino isn’t necessary–the romantic experience is available wherever you are.

Being located in Atlanta, Georgia, we can tell you that there are endless romantic opportunities in our own city. For those who doubt, you can always embrace the Italian perspective and consider whether romance was available all along.

For example, experiencing vibrant art in person, including Italian pieces, is possible through a visit to Midtown’s The High Museum of Art. A trip to The Atlanta Opera is a fantastic way to summon the feelings of Italy’s grand opera scene in a local setting, because after all, any opera can certainly be romantic. But in addition to entertainment, you and your special someone can experience a romantic stroll by taking in Italian architecture in the Druid Hills Historic District or taking in luscious scenery at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Italian romance is a way of life

There’s no better way to partake in la dolce vita this San Valentino than by enjoying a romantic night of Italian fine dining. It seems fitting, on a day known for couples, to enjoy the pairings of crisp olive oil with fresh fish, bold sauces with homemade pasta, and tender meats with colorful vegetables. An indulgent chocolate dessert and a bold glass of vino are perfect complements to the ultimate San Valentino meal.

San Valentino is all about romance, which developed from a culture built on pleasing all of the senses. Romance could stem from seeing creative architecture, hearing gorgeous opera music, or tasting a succulent, well-prepared meal. These senses capture how romance sprang from Italy’s culture, which is more than just history and geography–it’s a sweet way of life!

From il Giallo:  We want you to have the opportunity to experience the romance and dolce vita of Italy through our multi-day San Valentino menu. Place your reservations for February 11-13 and February 14 through our reservations webpage.

il GialloExperience the romance of Italian culture on San Valentino

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